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Episode 23: Being a TrailBlazer & Setting New Aesthetic Standards with Injector Jen Bleser APRN CRNA

In this 23rd episode, we invited Jen Bleser, an ambitious nurse injector who has shared all her tips in maintaining an energetic outlook on her career, how to set new aesthetic standards, and shared how her family is the main drive in achieving almost anything in life. 

Jen also shared her journey in fighting for the right to practice her career effectively; which I have been deeply inspired by after listening about it. We also discussed all that Encompass Aesthetic Consulting does, and the training events that we have conducted (more to come in the future!). We hope you enjoy this episode and get to understand what it is like being a hardworking and determined nurse injector just like Jen Blesser.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • ​What led Jen to become an injector and have her own medspa. (4:00)

  • How Jen got into training injectors and what her discipline is. (5:59)

  • Speaking out on rights for a state license. (13:00)

  • Challenges faced during the early stages of becoming an injector. (15:20)

  • Finding the right group of support and connection. (18:40)

  • The work-life balance. (24:23)

  • Tips on aesthetics. (28:07)

  • Favorite cosmetic treatments. (32:32)

  • Skincare talk on products and their functions (39:00)

  • How Jen’s children are the reason for her drive and motivation (41:56)

  • How childhood shaped Jen (47:19)

Quotes worth sharing:

"At some point, you do have to delegate some activities to other people." - Jen Bleser

"In our society, when you turn 30, it's not appropriate to care anymore- that's so not true." - Jen Bleser

"The best compliment you can get from a friend is, gosh you look great; what are you doing?" - Jen Bleser

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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