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Episode 27 A Birthday Solocast Special - 2021 Recap: Journey Through The Years

In this special episode, in conjunction with my birthday, I will be answering some questions brought together by The GLOW Collective team that consists of journeying back to my younger self, counting blessings, and translating growth into gratitude all throughout my years of life. A lot of the success I have today is all built from experiences and growth and I will be sharing this story with my listeners in this episode.

We might have high expectations for ourselves and those around us, but it's always important that we have grace, trust, and surrender- don't forget the fun aspect in everything we do! Everything will flow as it should. This episode is especially for those who would like to look back at themselves, their falls, their wins, and how to be grateful for where they're at right now. I hope you learn how we all see hurdles and difficulties in different ways, but we should always appreciate the beauty of it as we can only positively grow from them.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What was discussed in the podcast:

  • The joy in celebrating birthdays (3:50)

  • The personal development over the years (4:45)

  • Dr. V's massive physical transformation and the journey of staying healthy (6:43)

  • Dr. V's perspective shift on getting fillers and injections (12:25)

  • What the Glow Getters should do to allow themselves to evolve (14:07)

  • How to know what is best for you (20:25)

  • If Dr. V could revisit an age... what would it be and why? (29:40)

  • Appreciating the achievements and those who allow them (35:00)

  • Dr. V's envision in the next 5 years (38:30)

  • Dr. V's biggest milestone (40:40)

  • What the meaning of life is to Dr. V (43:50)

  • Dr. V's pure advice to the listeners on finding happiness (47:40)

Quotes Worth Sharing:

  • "You struggle if you only think you're struggling-- think about it." 

  • "...let go of preconceived notions and beliefs that I (you) have that weren't serving me (you)..." 

  • "Thirty-three was about coming back to joy and coming back to that playful spirit and essence and letting go of rituals and habits and believes that didn't serve me." 

  • "Going through that mental change, allowed the physical change." 

  • "Your relationship with money is important." 

  • "Answers that we seek are around us, or within us and can show up in a variety of ways." 

  • "The meaning of life will evolve as we continue to evolve."

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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