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Episode 31: Women With Visions - Music, The Vibes & Cutting Her Way to The Top with Sasha Chaney

Women with visions-- that is the ultimate trait a woman could have. Many of us have visions that stem from our creativity, our ability, and the inspiration that we learn from others. What matters the most is how we want to make them happen and what our plan is to execute it. How do you find that spark to start it all? We invited another amazing guest to tell us her take in making her dreams come true.


In this episode, we have Sasha "SheCutIt" Chaney, an aspiring music composer, DJ, and also a very determined entrepreneur. 

We talked about what it's like for Sasha to just go for her dreams and ambitions, how she manages her own barber business as she pursues her passion in music, being a DJ on the side and she also tells us about her experience being in a band. As a barber, she also gave us all the insights into what haircare is all about. In the midst of it all, Sasha has that ultimate productive work-life balance; which we will share it all in this episode. 

Listen to the Full Episode:

What was discussed in the podcast:

  • ​All about Sasha "SheCutIt" Chaney (4:38)

  • The spark of Sasha's career and how it all started (5:09)

  • What it felt like before and after opening the barbershop (7:00)

  • Sasha's unique rules and discipline applied at work (8:38)

  • Sasha's vision that came true over the past year (12:00)

  • How the DJ life came about (13:55)

  • Whom Sasha looks up to (16:20)

  • The challenges and trials throughout the building of her barbershop (19:33)

  • The support Sasha had while overcoming the challenges (22:48)

  • Sasha's music career goal (23:50)

  • Sasha's balance in time management between all her visions (27:43)

  • Fort Wayne vs. other big cities (30:15)

  • Sasha's big vision in opening her dream lounge (32:45)

  • How to hold yourself accountable as the boss (37:15)

  • Sasha's 2022 intentions (44:47)

  • The go-getter mentality (53:30)

  • Dr. V's 5-min glow ups with Sasha (53:20)

Quotes Worth Sharing:

“Being professional, having good customer service, being on time for your clients, just being nice— that’s the biggest thing.”


“…it got to the point where I’m just going to do this by myself; I don’t have the resources or the means but I’m going to figure it out…” - on building an independent business


“That’s how I discipline myself, I basically reward myself for doing good things.”


“I try to write down my goals, and I try to go back to them and make sure I’m checking them off.”


“I didn’t have anybody to show me. I learned everything the hard way.”

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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