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Our recent episode:

Episode 36: The Growth of Aesthetics Industry, Skincare & Building A Business with Felicia Phomsoupha, R.N., L.E.


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Welcome, Glow Getter.

The Glow Collective is a weekly podcast series dedicated to upgrading your consciousness in all facets: this includes rewiring your relationship with yourself and life, through deep Dives into your mindset & behavior, your skincare, health and wellness, and into your ultimate growth. 

Why? It’s all about raising the Collective GLOW. Around here, we know that to impact the world around us, we have to start with our inner world. This series is dedicated to mastering and maintaining your GLOW, through the creation of balance, wholeness and love (aka GLOW) in your life. If you’re a doer, and desire to upgrade your skincare and your life, this podcast is meant for YOU.

And for all my fellow entrepreneurs — we cover creative hacks to start and grow your own side or main hustle, the art of true mastery, and how to find your tribe. This is all in the spirit of Service to you, my community and ultimately our higher self.

This is a collection of my life’s work, to guide you through and into the next level of your life. 

Join us in learning how to EMBRACE the joy, magic and FLOW of life.


We promise you raw, real and vulnerable talk on how we can embody that GLOW first OURSELVES, and simultaneously share our GLOW with the world.  We invite you on a journey in falling deeply in love with your skin, yourself and the world. Get ready to create new shifts and waves of energy each episode! 

We’re about to MASTER & MAGNETIZE this show.

AND WITHOUT FURTHER ADIEU. Welcome To The Glow Collective. I’m your host.

It’s Time to Glow, 

Dr. V 



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