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Dissecting Dr. V’s Wisdom: With Greg Kruger

Hello Glow Getters! How are all of our beautiful readers doing? We hope you’re doing well and thriving as always. Remember, nothing is ever perfect nor linear so give yourself a big hug and thank yourself for even making it today.

We are back with another blog post on a segment we call Dissecting Dr. V’s Wisdom. As a Glow Getter myself, I love learning from people who have enthusiasm in what they do. So with that, I would like to know how these people are so persistent and motivated with their work as I discover their journey behind it all.

So for this episode, we will be talking about Dr. V’s dear friend, and also business partner; Greg Kruger!

Greg Kruger is a founding partner and Chief Operating Officer for DREEM Nutrition. Besides being a professional businessman and father, Greg is also a License Practitioner of NLP! Talk about having the best of both worlds!

In this post, we will dissect episode 3, entitled Cannabinoids, Mindset and Power of NLP.

A little more about Greg Kruger, Greg Kruger is an entrepreneur focused on positively impacting the lives of people he encounters on his journey, aiming to aid in the physical, emotional, and energetic spaces. In the physical space, he is the founding partner and COO for Dream Nutrition, a hemp and nutrition company that is focused on innovative, plant-based substances. And in this episode, he joins the show to discuss the power of cannabinoids, his own personal development journey, and how you can find balance in your life, even if you are running a busy business.

So let’s dive into what Dr. V and Greg talk about in this one, as they touch on the essential of having a business, and one of it is to have an understanding of your product.

Cannabinoids in the Business

As many people still have a negative view on the use of CBD, DREEM Nutrition defeats all the stereotypes of the negative CBD stigma by providing only the best of CBD products with no harm. As Greg mentions in this episode, cannabis today has been widely used for medical purposes compared to how it was used back then.

“If we’re not picking up new things, we’re staying the same.” - Dave Kruger

With the immense research done by the intellectuals and proof of what Cannabis does to you, there really has been a significant increase in how people these days trust this plant. Amazing how the evolution of science has proven mankind wrong in a lot of ways. Ways in which you cannot fight about. How is science wrong? Can it be wrong? That’s for you to ponder on.

Greg shares how he has been in the pharmaceutical industry for 18 years and it was time for him to find an exit to allow better opportunities. That’s when he reconnected with a friend who had just started DREEM Nutrition. Boom. That’s where it all started.

To have a plan B before you jump out of plan A is IMPORTANT, Glow Getters. Remember that! We might not always get lucky with Plan B, but I think it’s better safe than sorry. Imagine ending something so stable for you without knowing what to do afterwards? Let’s hope that even in desperate times, we are still able to make wise decisions like Greg.

Greg also educates us on Terpenes, and how it affects our human body.

How Greg Stays Productive as a “Doer”

Greg mentions how he has had his rough patches in the past but he appreciates the experience as those are the reasons why he became the person he is today. He explains that in his time, he tries to squeeze in more family time as that to him is essential. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your family by spending quality time is really a big factor in our success. Though not everyone might share that same idea, maintaining healthy relationships with your loved ones or people you see every day should suffice just as well.

Greg also shares his story on how he was introduced to meditation and how he now practices a lot of meditation to keep him going. He shares a very interesting mantra in this episode regarding how he got his business to stand where it is now, and it goes “We’re all C-level.” as in we’re all CEOs and COOs. I find this very inspiring because we’re all starting from scratch and heading somewhere to achieve our goals. By having a mindset like Greg’s, to know that we’re all CEOs, that should BE the drive.

Another interesting point that Greg shared was how he wants to eliminate the idea of always needing to grind. He believes that in whatever you do, you have to serve yourself first before you can serve the world. The point here is definitely made. You have to be confident in your own skin and abilities, so that you can offer your clients/customers/patients the best of your potential.

In addition to that, Greg hits us with another moving quote. “Be the change that you want to see,” he says.

To stay productive as a “Doer”, Greg tells us that he likes to have a 2-hour window in the morning. I personally live for this habit. A lot of successful people start their day at 5AM, did you know that? But for Greg, he chooses to spend his alone time unwinding in the morning, as he creates a set-up where he ensures that he has his earphones in and proceeds to listen to breathing exercises.

Dr. V shares the same idea and practice as well as she mentions that these are her healthy and productive habits for her too. An important point I’d like to hint in, from Dr. V, is having consistency. Dr. V emphasizes that with consistency, you’ll develop a habit that will enhance your productivity in the long run. So Glow Getters, start early if you can!

How many of us have difficulties falling asleep? Is it because we tend to focus on other things? In this one episode, Dr. V and Dave also share how sleep hygiene is also so important in gaining productivity. They remind us to have electronics shut off and kept away before sleep, how putting your devices on Airplane Mode/Do Not Disturb is the key, and how your surroundings should be as comfy as possible.

You’ll have to listen to this one for more important key points on sleep hygiene!

Everything Happens From A Reason - Greg Kruger

Greg shares an interesting thought where he believes that everything happens from a reason, instead of “for” a reason. The reason being is because we’re always purposely choosing our energy but due to our human bodies being so robotic and systematic, we never realize that we allow our energy to flow. The energy never comes for no reason as we get to choose how to feel. Inspirational, Greg.

“Make your default peace.” - Greg Kruger

Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP)

In this episode, we learn a little about NLP as Greg touches base on what this is and what this means to him. According to Greg, NLP is the understanding of how our body and mind work along with language.

Greg explains how in NLP, the brain does not understand a negative command. With our brains creating images of the words spoken to us, when given a negative command, the brain’s interpretation would still be of the command in imagery hence why young children still do what they’re told not to do! Don’t you just love Psychology and the explanation behind it all?

This is why it’s important to reassure yourself with affirmations and to train your mind to command itself with things you want to do. Did you know that when you read out loud, you comprehend much better?

Greg tells us in this episode that we have to listen to ourselves. And one way that helps him is by journaling.

Dr. V and Greg mention that finding the common ground of different polarities comes from language. The differences in understanding of language can be a huge barrier in agreements. So with speaking the same terms and diffusing yourself into the same mindset, you’d be able to create a seamless agreement with people. Boom, that’s NLP.

Lucid Dreaming

Interesting enough, Greg talks about lucid dreaming and how it can actually create benefits for your consciousness. As someone who doesn’t dream in their sleep, I could not have ever understood the reasoning behind wanting a lucid dream. What is lucid dreaming? Lucid dreaming is when you realize you’re asleep in the middle of your dream as if you’re awake while you’re asleep.

Though Greg elaborates that having lucid dreams in your sleep can allow yourself to pause in the present moment. While you’re asleep! I guess you’d have to go through it to understand and feel it!

Glow Getters, there is so much to learn in this episode and I would love to unpack each and every topic that was mentioned in this episode, but this is your call to finally go ahead and listen to the full episode if you haven’t yet!

Last question for you to ponder on as you lay in bed tonight with your devices on Airplane Mode: Are you a thinker or are you a feeler?

Alright Glow Getters, hopefully this was insightful for you just as much as it was for me and hope you’ll stay around for the next post!

From one Glow Getter to another,

Unleash Your Glow x

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