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Happy Wednesday, Glow Getters! Or maybe you can actually call it Hump Day because phew, today has been really long and exhausting, but I always reassure myself that it will all be worth it at the end. If you're not tired at work, you're not doing it right. Right? Just be know that if you feel defeated from working, it's super normal and you shouldn't be doubting every little thing that goes wrong in your path of career. Some things require stress and pressure to obtain success. Just like how diamonds are form. So remember Glow Getters, don't give up at your first loss.

What's important is that you want to remember that work should also be your comfort place. Although it's your professional career life, you also want that hint of excitement and fun albeit all that stress!

So here at Dr. V's derm office tomorrow, we're having our Bellafill event! If you happen to be reading this today or even on the day of, you still have a chance of pre-registering for the event.

Come on down and say hi to us while you enjoy some snacks!

Unleash your glow,


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