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Episode 10: The Myth of Busyness with Diana Faqiera

Today I've got Diana Faqiera, my personal assistant for The Glow Collective podcast, joining me today! A student coming back to the United States from Malaysia, Diana shares so much in this episode, including what it’s like being a young person spreading her wings, why she started a podcast on the topic of her experience in young adulthood, and why it’s important to pause and enjoy life rather than getting caught up in the hustle (or social media!).


Listen in as we chat about why checking in with yourself is crucial, what it means to be solutions-oriented in this mess we call life, and how to avoid the lure of toxic positivity. Diana also gets to ask me some questions, and she opens up about how she stays balanced despite keeping multiple balls in the air at once. You'll learn why the myth still persists that being busy is something to strive for, and why we should all be mindful of staying out of this trap.

Listen to the Full Episode:



What You'll Learn:

  • The top challenges that turned into opportunities for Diana. (6:10)

  • How this podcast episode on busyness came about. (8:50)

  • The benefits of taking a solutions-oriented approach to challenges. (21:00)

  • How to keep multiple balls in the air with grace and ease. (30:20)

  • One thing you can implement today to help with stress. (39:25)

  • The importance of building play and rest into your day. (43:30)

  • Where the magic really happens. (51:45)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Nothing is impossible—you just have to work through it.” - Diana Faqiera


“I feel like if I’m not getting 10 things done at once, I won’t get anything done.” - Diana Faqiera 


“Toxic positivity is a burnout that only you can feel.” - Diana Faqiera

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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