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Episode 11: Taking the Extra Mile, Women in Leadership & Navigating COVID-19 with Great Determination with Vasantha Kondamudi

Vasantha Kondamudi, MD is an incredibly powerful, knowledgeable and motivated individual with copious amounts of wisdom to share. Today she joins the show to discuss her journey working up the ranks to where she is now, what it’s like to be a foreign medical graduate and the challenges she faced as a woman in academics along the way.

Listen in as we talk about COVID-19 and how Vasantha was able to pull through during the first wave in New York. Improving and maintaining quality of care is a never-ending task that we need to be constantly striving to achieve, and with more than 30 years in healthcare, Vasantha explains the steps she is taking to better the industry every day.

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What You'll Learn:

  • Why Vasantha decided to become a physician. (7:31)

  • How she balances work and life. (10:54)

  • What got her interested in geriatrics. (15:31)

  • Vasantha’s early career in Brooklyn. (22:36)

  • Her advice for any young females wanting to climb the ranks in healthcare. (31:11)

  • Why Vasantha decided to get her MBA and what that process entails. (37:55)

  • Who her mentors are. (47:05)

  • What she is focusing on now. (1:02:00)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“You need your spouse and God’s help. Otherwise, you can’t do it.” - Vasantha Kondamudi


“Do the work, and money follows”- Vasantha Kondamudi

“Never underestimate who you are.” - Vasantha Kondamudi

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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