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Episode 13: Tackling the Aesthetics Industry with Mastery, Dedication, Truth & Humility - Lessons from A CEO with Pat Altavilla

What does it truly mean to be a dedicated and uplifting leader? Is it possible to weave spirituality and faith into leadership? To help us in this discussion of embodying leadership, we have Pat Altavilla joining the show. Pat is the CEO of Suneva Medical and a legend within the aesthetics industry, and in this episode, she will be sharing exactly what it takes to lead with the heart.

Listen in as we talk about how instrumental it is to redefine the workplace and create or improve your practices. You will learn how to increase your company's overall visibility in the marketplace, how to grow a successful and fun workplace, and how to redefine your organization's workplace culture.

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What You'll Learn:

  • Pat’s background. (4:49)

  • Her advice to her younger self. (8:05)

  • Why she became interested in aesthetics. (8:45)

  • The biggest changes she has seen in aesthetics. (13:19)

  • How to know when you’re ready to jump into getting aesthetic work. (17:20)

  • The biggest challenges Pat faced as a woman and throughout the pandemic. (20:05)

  • Why she decided to join the team at Suneva Medical. (28:00)

  • Proper patient engagement and retention. (37:30)

  • The difference between leading a small business and a large business. (41:10)

  • Pat’s tips for meditation. (45:20)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“You can do anything in the world—trust yourself.” - Pat Altavilla

“It takes a village to make businesses work.” - Pat Altavilla

“Education is power.” - Pat Altavilla

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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