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Episode 14: Developing RESPECT for Yourself and Others; Impacting Our Younger Generation with Amy Hanna

Amy Hanna is an independent businesswoman, an inspiring coach for youth, and the executive director of the RespectTeam, an organization that focuses on educating young people on self-respect and respect for others. She joins the show today to share her amazing story, including how she found self-value in her journey and how all of this prompted her to create and lead the RespectTeam.

Listen in as Amy shares how we can impact teenagers' lives through respect. You will learn the importance of understanding your value, why you must learn how to delegate tasks, and how to initiate positive communication with your children. Amy's passion for empowering the youth of today is contagious, and you won't want to miss out on her incredible insights.

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What You'll Learn:

  • A grounding practice to calm your senses. (5:04)

  • Amy’s background and how she got into her career. (8:30)

  • The challenges Amy faced as a young person that changed the course of her life. (14:50)

  • The power of teaching young people respect for themselves and others. (24:05)

  • The top three things teenagers do not enjoy talking about - and how to initiate the conversation. (26:43)

  • Some transformations Amy has seen in students throughout high school. (39:05)

  • Amy’s dreams for the future. (43:50)

  • The importance of taking time to relax. (49:55)

  • The best skincare routine for teenagers. (56:00)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I’m learning how to say no.” - Amy Hanna

“You can’t do everything by yourself. You have to learn how to delegate.” - Amy Hanna

“We have to learn how to communicate, and we have to learn how to respect each other.” - Amy Hanna

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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