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Episode 18: Q&A and Reflections: Journey Back to Yourself

Taking time out of your day to process, reflect, and think things through is one of the best ways to create the change and the desire for the life that you want to live. So, today I am back with another solo-cast, where I will be diving into some questions that I have received from you! There is a list of twenty questions that we will go through, and I truly believe this can be a life-changing episode for you if you choose to make it so.

Listen in as I explain the importance of checking in with yourself—both mentally and physically—to ensure you are feeling the best you possibly can. You will learn why it is important to set strong boundaries in your life, how to show more gratitude to the things that are meaningful to you, and how to overcome challenges rather than avoiding them.

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What You'll Learn:

  • Whether I am satisfied with my current state. (1:53)

  • The importance of boundaries. (5:33)

  • The benefit of showing gratitude. (7:28)

  • The difference between solitude and loneliness. (10:00)

  • Why you should never avoid the problems in your life. (12:52)

  • How you may be helping others without realizing it. (20:46)

  • The importance of understanding the duality of life. (25:20)

  • How to assess the things in your life that may be hurting you. (27:20)

  • Why we must learn to enjoy our own company. (31:16)

  • One truth I have had to come to terms with. (34:55)

  • How to overcome your self-doubts. (37:50)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I am really big into honesty, and one of the best ways to do this is to create a space where you can say anything without having consequences.” - Dr. V

“A lot of times, our mental and physical health go parallel.” - Dr. V

“Life is fueled by our relationships.” - Dr. V

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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