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Episode 2: Unlocking the Art of Manifestation and
Other Spiritual GLOW UP Tips with Amparo Rojas

Amparo Rojas is a healer and a spiritual coach with a mission to support other women as they reconnect to their essence, connect to source, and embody their divine feminine. Through her business, Worn Intentions, she designs and creates handmade gemstone jewelry that inspires feelings of love, healing, and beauty—both inside and out. Today she joins the show to discuss manifestation, quick five-minute centering tips to practice the art of being present, and how you can learn to follow your intuition.

Listen in as she and Dr. V talk about deep topics, such as how to follow your soul's calling and step into a professional space while being grounded in spirituality. You will learn how to make your side hustle your main hustle, why you need a coach, and how to find your spiritual voice. This episode is incredibly powerful and Amparo’s knowledge on these topics will empower you to expand your mind and live your life to the fullest!

Listen to the Full Episode:





What You'll Learn:

  • An easy centering practice you can try right now. (4:17)

  • The challenges of being brought up in two separate cultures and how to navigate that. (11:34)

  • The shift Amparo has experienced over the past 7 years. (13:26)

  • Three things Amparo always incorporates into her morning to prime her day for success. (19:55)

  • Why Amparo decided to pursue coaching. (29:22)

  • The benefit of having a coach who understands you. (35:20)

  • How to separate your thinking mind from your feelings. (40:30)

  • How to start the manifestation practice. (48:14)

  • What stone Amparo is loving the most. (1:03:24)

  • Common misconceptions around spirituality. (1:06:44)


Ideas Worth Sharing:

“The five people you spend the most time with really do have a say in who you’re becoming.” - Amparo Rojas

“When you know who you are and what you bring to the table, and when you know how to balance your energy and work with the universal laws, you come to know just how powerful you are.” - Amparo Rojas

“We all want love.” - Amparo Rojas

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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