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Episode 21: Change Your Brain, Change Your Mind and Manifest

For our 21st episode, I will be sharing my answers to 21 of your questions! Today I'm diving into everything I love about behavior change and the art of manifestation. You have the power to change your life and impact others simply by changing your mindset, evaluating your energy, and shifting your beliefs, so listen in to learn how you can start creating the reality you want right now.

I'll explain the importance of embracing change, as well as re-evaluating our words and thoughts. You will learn when you should be okay with letting go of toxic relationships, how to embrace constructive criticism gracefully, and how to change your journey for the better.

Listen to the Full Episode:



What You'll Learn:

  • How to keep your morals in check. (1:04)

  • The power of compassion. (3:30)

  • How to reevaluate your words and thoughts. (7:00)

  • What it means to change for the better. (14:15)

  • How to have open conversations around vulnerable topics. (19:15)

  • The importance of understanding what you truly want. (20:08)

  • How manifestation works. (26:30)

  • Why seeing yourself in a positive light is essential. (31:30)

  • The importance of having trust and faith in the Universe. (39:45)

  • Experiences that told me to change. (43:45)

  • How to stop feeling shameful of our past behaviors. (47:00)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

 “We all have a sense of good and bad, right and wrong.” - Dr. V

 “When your dreams and your desires are in alignment with service for yourself and others, it is going to come through.” - Dr. V

 “Embrace change.” - Dr. V

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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