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Episode 22:Aesthetic Tips, Business Insights & Regenerative Potential of Bison with Hunter Martin

In this episode have Hunter Martin, a hardworking and motivated individual who is a licensed attorney, the manager of a private practice, and the CEO of Encompass Aesthetic Consultant. Listen through this episode as Hunter shares with us his story of how he started in the industry and how his Law Degree has become one of the reasons why he is managing well in his business. Do pinpoint that we'll learn tips on how to manage an aesthetic practice while handling consulting work and the potential of bison regenerating.

By listening to this podcast, I hope you learn something about business management or how to delegate in your own private practices and will help you gain more confidence in looking for business partners with diligence. Other than that, we hope you have more knowledge and gained awareness on animal harvesting and try to increase the number of bison for the better of the world's future. 

Listen to the Full Episode:

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • Hunter's career journey. (3:19)

  • Bringing Hunter's legal knowledge and competency into practice management. (5:46)

  • Managing a business service or your own practice. (9:54)

  • The start-up of the consulting company and how it came about. (13:00)

  • Hunter's start into skincare sales. (15:35)

  • Common practice issues in compliance. (23:44)

  • Negotiating tips when handling outside partners. (27:53)

  • Hunter's personal glow-ups. (35:45)

  • "Early bird gets the worm" is a social construct. (41:13)

  • Does perfection actually exist? (46:05)

  • Staying healthy with a good diet and conversations on veganism. (47:09)

  • The harm of mass factory works on corps and animals. (50:30)

  • Hunter's workout routine. (54:24)

Quotes worth sharing:

“If you don't always have your head on this level, and doing your due diligence, it's going to happen to you.” - Hunter Martin on managing a business and the risk of downfall.


“It can literally come to just picking better products, getting better prices with negotiation, and when you're buying a piece of equipment, doing it right and not getting ripped off.”- Hunter Martin on being diligent and smart on partnering in businesses.

“You are always one mistake away from failure, there is no undo button (when you make knives).” - Hunter Martin on his experience with making knives 

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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