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Episode 24: The Magic of Glow Ups with Blair Wegner

In this episode, we'll be talking about everything from skin and the glow-ups you can achieve just by undergoing esthetic treatments; whether it’s from your skincare, getting lasers, or fillers! Welcoming Blair Wegner, a licensed aesthetician from Aspire Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, we'll be hearing how dedicated and knowledgeable our guest is in this episode as she shares all the beauty hacks in doing treatments, what these specific treatments can do and how beneficial these treatments are to achieve that glow-up. Get ready to be inspired in this as Blair also shares her journey into the career from a whole different route at the very last minute.   

We hope that this episode educates our listeners on various beauty treatments, how the medical spa industry should work together to cater to the clients' needs, and how to achieve your glow-ups from these treatments. 

Listen to the Full Episode:


What was discussed in the podcast:

  • How Blair became a licensed esthetician. (3:15)

  • How Blair handled shifting from one career path to another. (6:30)

  • Blair's advice to those who are wanting to become an esthetician or work in the industry. (9:12)

  • The types of treatment Blair does. (13:03)

  • The "delayed reward" in receiving results for treatments. (15:20)

  • The glow-ups from treatments of BBL, microdermabrasion, and Diamond Glow. (24:30)

  • Comparison between HALO and MOXI treatments. (30:58)

  • Blair's inspiration and mentors throughout her career. (35:30)

  • How the industry should work together by providing their own unique and specific services for the clients' satisfaction. (39:30)

  • Educating clients on what treatments and results they actually prefer. (41:11)

  • Differences of full-face ablation and fractional HALO treatments. (42:46)

  • Our body takes its time to heal from the treatment's reaction. (56:10)

  • Blair's favorite skincare products to use. (58:59)

Quotes Worth Sharing:

  • "Slowing down and knowing I don't know all of this. I'm only going to get better at this the more skin I see, the more people I touch." - Blair's take on preparing as an esthetician 

  • "Slow down and absorb  everything that you are being immersed in." - Blair's piece of advice to those who are seeking to be in the industry

  • "You're there to support each other, and if someone else is right, you learn your own mistakes but if you learn from others' mistakes you learn faster." - Dr. V on taking into consideration of other's people's mistakes

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