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Episode 28: Down & Dirty of Glow Ups - 2021 Recap with Sasha Pierson L.E.

You know it - Sasha Pierson, our very own rockstar esthetician is back again on The GLOW Collective podcast for another episode in the Down & Dirty of Glow Ups segment. In this episode, we talked about Sasha's top 3 highlights of her year, her hopes for 2022, what she has achieved so far in her career, and how patient care has made her realize how much it means to appreciate her work. Listen through to this episode to learn a lot more about the treatments that Sasha does, her own fear of undergoing treatments, and how she was able to just go for it at the end.

This episode is truly filled with joy and a lot of sincerity, I hope you get to learn so much from Sasha, the rockstar esthetician herself, in what it's like to live the life of an esthetician all throughout this year and what we're hoping to gain from a brand new year, this 2022.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What was discussed in the podcast:

  • Sasha's top 3 highlights for 2021 (3:50)

  • How Sasha uses ALASTIN Skincare for her treatments (4:40)

  • Overcoming the fears in order to achieve the Glow-Up (12:15)

  • What helps Sasha move past some of her blocks (20:05)

  • Sasha's achievement in her patient care (23:25)

  • The challenges Sasha has faced this year (28:33)

  • What Sasha is looking forward to the most this 2022 (30:41)

  • Sasha's little wins (32:35)

  • Sasha's early 2021 intentions (35:30)

  • The learning process in knowing what is best for patients (40:00)

  • What Sasha is hoping for her career growth (45:00)

  • Sasha's personal Glow-Up goals (54:40)

Quotes Worth Sharing:

  • "There are things that are out of your control and you just have to learn it - if it doesn't affect your day-to-day then leave it alone." - Sasha Pierson

  • "When you do good and put out good, it comes back to you." - Sasha Pierson

  • "People appreciate honesty and when you're being down to earth with them." - Sasha Pierson

  • "It takes a long time to get confident, it takes a long time to not second guess yourself. When they say go with your first gut, that is truly how it  is." - Sasha Pierson

  • "You have to teach the patients to trust the process." - Sasha Pierson

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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