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Episode 29: The Myth of Busyness & Breaking Through Your Limitations with Diana Faqiera
-2021 Recap

Catch me, Dr. V, and our very own podcast editor, Diana Faqiera, talk about the deep and honest topic of understanding your emotions and your Psychology from a place of self-acceptance and self-appreciation. From all things discipline in maintaining a diet, on how to fight through a mental setback, and how to look at your future by learning the art of acceptance.


We all have a different mindset when it comes to choosing what food we consume, or why we choose to have them. And for some of us, it takes a lot of discipline and understanding of what our body and holistic needs are. With that being said, listen through as I share my experience and personal journey in finding what my diet means to me. Also in this episode, Diana and I discuss what it is like to be okay with your emotions even in the most vulnerable situations, and how to feel it in the best beneficial way. In hopes that this raw and honest episode will be somewhat relatable, may our listeners acknowledge that all pain and struggles shall end and lead to a better outcome at the end of the day.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What was discussed in the podcast:

  • Diana's top 3 highlights and wins for 2021 (4:00)

  • Allowing emotions to come when they should (6:11)

  • What Diana does for The GLOW Collective (7:40)

  • Diana's passion for writing and how it connects with the listeners (8:50)

  • Diana's time management and growth over time (10:55)

  • How Dr. V finds back her balance this 2021 despite being busy (12:25)

  • The magic of vibrations from rhythm and music (16:30)

  • The sacred diet journey (18:25)

  • Debunking the truth about being strictly vegetarian (44:00)

  • How to let go of the pain and breakthrough for betterment (50:11)

  • Understanding the art of self-acceptance (1:00:00)

  • Allowing ourselves to accept contentment from within (1:11:34)

Quotes Worth Sharing:

  • "Maintain that center even if you wobble from it." - Dr. V

  • "I maintain that positive light by always coming back to gratitude and gratefulness." - Dr. V

  • "'s reliving the worst-case scenario on a loop, but it is all in my mind and I'll definitely learn how to release and reset..." - Diana Faqiera

  • "Learning the art of acceptance is better paired with the art of surrender, it is different from giving up." - Dr. V 

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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