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Episode 3: Cannabinoids, Mindset and Power of NLP with Greg Kruger

Greg Kruger is an entrepreneur focused on positively impacting the lives of people he encounters on his journey, aiming to aid in the physical, emotional, and energetic spaces. In the physical space, he is the founding partner and COO for Dream Nutrition, a hemp and nutrition company that is focused on innovative, plant-based substances. Today he joins the show to discuss the power of cannabinoids, his own personal development journey, and how you can find balance in your life, even if you are running a busy business.

Listen in as Greg shares what his daily practice entails, why he believes everything happens “from” a reason, and how to be more mindful in everything you do. You will learn how to cultivate awareness and how to unlearn bad habits. This episode is incredibly magnetic, and Greg’s information will light a fire within you, fueling you to push towards your dreams, so be sure to tune in!

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What You'll Learn:

  • A short centering exercise for you to practice. (3:43)

  • Greg’s personal development journey. (12:16)

  • How Dream Nutrition came to be. (16:30)

  • How Greg balances being a business owner, being a father, and mindfulness. (23:10)

  • Why he believes everything happens “from” a reason. (35:50)

  • How to cultivate awareness. (47:00)

  • How we can tap into our innate power. (1:07:12)

  • The different types of cannabinoids. (1:22:45)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“At any moment we have the ability to change our energy.” - Greg Kruger

“We always get what we put out.” - Greg Kruger

“Instead of thinking of everything happens for a reason, I think everything happens from a reason.” -Greg Kruger

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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