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Episode 5: Tapping into Energy Frequency and Deep Healing with Dave Greene

What are the things that raise or change our energy? Today Dave Greene, Co-Creator of ZenDen Products, joins the show to discuss all things energy frequency and how learning to shift from thinking to feeling can deepen your journey to healing and self-love.


Listen in as Dave shares his journey from law enforcement to energy work and discovering his life’s purpose and mission. You'll learn how to become more aware of your energy, what high-frequency emitters are and how they work to shift the energy field around you, and how to generate more positive thoughts.

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What You'll Learn:

  • Why everything has energy and how it shifts your reality. (8:00)

  • Dave’s journey to spirituality. (11:14)

  • How to shift your awareness around the decisions you make. (18:15)

  • Why the law of attraction works. (24:10)

  • How Dave re-wrote his narrative. (32:10)

  • His personal experience with synchronicity and how to be open to the universe’s guidance. (37:33)

  • The power of energy frequencies. (49:48)

  • Dave’s advice on how to use his devices and information around how they’re made. (54:45)

  • How to use this device for skincare. (1:03:20)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Everything has frequency. Everything has energy. It just comes in different forms, and it depends on what rate that particular thing is vibrating at.” - Dave Greene

“Just like birds of a feather flock together, energies flock together.” - Dave Greene

“Conscious breathing is one of those things I have stumbled upon and it absolutely does work.” - Dave Greene

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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