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Episode 8: Business Management Understanding

There are challenges that come with any endeavor in life. Whether you choose to start a business or step into a new career, there are many aspects that we don’t learn in the beginning that can bring up fear and anxiety. So, how do we navigate those emotions and take action despite them to move in the direction of our dreams? In this episode, I will be discussing the importance of finding what truly makes you light up in order to confidently carry out the tasks needed to continue on the journey to achieving your business goals.

Listen in as I share how to become more in tune with yourself, understanding the shifts in your energy so that you are more capable of finding security in the unknown. You will learn why understanding your triggers is key, how to put proper systems in place to feel more confident in the chaos, and why visualization is so important.

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What You'll Learn:

  • A grounding practice to start your day. (3:35)

  • The importance of understanding your “why.” (9:00)

  • What I learned throughout this pandemic. (15:10)

  • How to thrive in uncertainty. (20:00)

  • Why visualization and journaling are crucial for reaching your goals. (25:01)

  • The benefit of understanding your knowledge gaps. (29:20)

  • Why you can’t back down on your dreams. (39:00)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Your body, your thoughts, and your emotions - they all speak to you.” - Dr. V

 “Find security in the unknown.” - Dr. V

 “Understand your knowledge gaps.”  - Dr. V

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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