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Episode 9: Learning from the Past, Exploring Personal Relationships and Appreciating Spiritual Divinity with Denali Veda

Denali Veda is an empowering, quantum healing practitioner and a coach who has her own practice called Denali Mind Body Soul Quantum Healing. She is a spiritual warrior with so much knowledge to share, and in this episode, she will be teaching us about empaths, quantum healing, and spiritual awakening with touching stories all based on her personal experiences.

Listen in as Denali explains why so many of us are starting to experience our own spiritual awakenings and how this may impact the collective on a global scale. You will learn how she has learned to overcome the tests from her past and how each of us can learn to turn over a new leaf in our lives, as well. We all have the ability to learn from our traumas and use these to fuel our growth, so make sure you don't miss this amazing conversation.

Listen to the Full Episode:



What You'll Learn:

  • A centering practice to start your day. (4:00)

  • The power of the divine feminine. (8:00)

  • How to balance our feminine and masculine energy. (11:08)

  • The importance of being honest and accepting honesty in return. (14:28)

  • How to set proper expectations. (17:48)

  • How to find your twin flame and what that means. (20:58)

  • The difference between a soul mate, a karmic partner, and a twin flame. (24:30)

  • Denali’s journey and the struggles she has overcome. (29:33)

  • How she shifted toward grace, patience, and understanding. (36:05)

  • The power of manifestation. (47:14)

  • How negative thoughts harm us. (56:40)

  • How Denali got into coaching and helping others. (57:37)

  • Advice for exploring ideas we may not be open to accepting. (1:03:09)

  • Ingredients to look for in sunscreen. (1:08:56)

  • Denali's five-minute glow-ups. (1:11:05)

  • What she would leave behind as a gift at the end of her life. (01:12:55)

  • The misconceptions around crystals. (01:16:25)

  • What "unleash your glow" means to Denali. (01:19:43)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“To be in the divine feminine, we don’t have to sell our sexuality.” - Denali Veda

“We have to be honest with ourselves about who we are and what we want.” - Denali Veda

“Honesty is always the best policy.” - Denali Veda

Resources In Today’s Episode:


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