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Episode 1: Introduction: Welcome to Our Podcast

Welcome to The Glow Collective podcast! This series is dedicated to upgrading your consciousness in all facets, including rewiring your relationship with yourself and life through deep diving into your mindset, behavior, skin care, health, and wellness—all while launching into new avenues of connection and growth. We’ll cover creative hacks to start and grow your own side (or main) hustle, the art of true mastery, and being an expert in your field. We can’t wait to get started!

In this inaugural episode, your host Dr. V will be introducing herself and opening the dialogue about what “The Glow'' is. Listen in as she shares what prompted the creation of this podcast and her vision behind it. You will learn how to hear your soul's calling, how to raise your glow, and why you must understand your "why." If you have been questioning whether you are on the right track or searching for more in life, this is the show for you.

Listen to the Full Episode:





What You'll Learn:

  • Dr. V's desire for this podcast. (5:20)

  • Who this podcast is really designed for. (12:30)

  • Why you have to understand your “why.” (15:20)

  • How to find balance in life. (23:30)

  • Why it is important to question your own limiting beliefs. (29:10)

  • How failure can be beneficial. (40:00)

  • Why change starts with you. (50:48)


Ideas Worth Sharing:

 “We all have challenges or failures, but it’s in the failures where we learn to grow, where we learn to build that grit and resilience.” - Dr. V

 “The world around us is rapidly changing, whether we want to be ignorant of it or not.” - Dr. V

“Each time you release a limiting belief, or each time you release a habitual pattern or behavior and you reinstall a more self-serving or positive one, you can really start to shift and create momentum and power in your life.” - Dr. V

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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