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Episode 20: Social Media Hacks and Turning Mistakes into Opportunities with Dexter Daniels

Today we have another amazing guest who is going to take your glow to the next level. Dexter Daniels is a social media advocate, life coach, and inspiring author, and in this episode, he will be discussing how to get back up after making major mistakes in life. We will also be diving deep into the topic of social media and why it may not be what you believe it to be.

Listen in as we discuss Dexter’s background and the adversity he experienced as a young person. You will hear about the lessons he learned while he was in the Marines, as well as the power of consistency. Remember: you have the ability to get back on your feet, no matter how tough the situation may seem!

Listen to the Full Episode:



What You'll Learn:

  • Dexter’s background and his journey to where he is today. (4:04)

  • Why he left the Marines and the lessons he learned along the way. (8:19)

  • The relationship between home life and work life. (14:05)

  • The importance of consistency. (20:03)

  • The power of social media. (26:29)

  • How to grow your social media accounts. (35:48)

  • Why likes and comments are essential to follower growth. (42:00)

  • The importance of trusting the process. (52:10)

  • Why hard work and being present are the keys to success. (57:11)

  • Why you must do the best you can with the gifts you are given. (1:05:05)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“The way you’re raised as a kid has so much to do with how you are as an adult.” - Dexter Daniels

“With age, the more that you have, the more experiences you collect.” - Dexter Daniels

“You look for the answers that you need.” - Dexter Daniels

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