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Episode 30: The Understanding of Spirituality in Music & Observing Your Mind with Dr. Phil Schurger

We are back again with another episode in a brand new year. In this episode, we have Dr. Phil Schurger, an amazing musician who is not just only passionate in his career, but also holds a deep understanding and appreciation towards spirituality. Throughout this episode, we discussed what it is like for Dr. Schurger to find his calling in music, why he chose to pursue his career in teaching music, the balance between it all, and his great knowledge of the various concepts of spirituality and meditation practices.

If you're curious to know how far music and meditation can go hand in hand, then you're up for a treat in this episode as Dr. Schurger takes us into his musician mind whilst he tells us stories about what it is like to uphold the beauty in learning the meditations technique, and how valuable it is to seek knowledge from those who have actually sought it, and practiced it.

Listen to the Full Episode:

What was discussed in the podcast:

  • How Dr. V and Dr. Phil Schurger connected (4:20)

  • When Dr. Phil Schurger started the journey in his career path (5:12)

  • Dr. Phil Schurger's calling in music (9:12)

  • How to know when it's the time to just go for it (12:15)

  • Observing your mind before meditating (14:20)

  • The discipline in being firm with yourself (16:48)

  • Understanding the technicality and wonders of music (20:42)

  • The "musician lifestyle" (25:53)

  • The balance between teaching and enjoying what you do (27:26)

  • The application of music in meditation (32:10) 

  • Dr. Phil Schurger's deep understanding of spirituality concepts (39:12)

  • The catalyst in spiritual awakening (47:48)

  • Where to start in seeking spirituality knowledge (1:03:48)

  • Finding your true self and pursuing it (1:12:31)

  • Dr. V's 5-minute-Glow-Ups questions (1:14:15)

Quotes Worth Sharing:

  • "I have a competitive side where it's like if people say something about me, or say I can't do it, I'd be like: I will do it." - Dr. Phil Schurger

  • "It's (your opportunity) literally right there waiting for you, you just have to go for it." - Dr. Phil Schurger

  • "Discipline will win at the end; and if you have discipline and talent, that's the recipe for genius." - Dr. Phil Schurger

  • "If you start to identify with the emotions/thought of I don't wanna do this, this is boring, then that consumes you and you follow that line of thought versus having the choice to look at it and say, this is I would do and I talk to my students about this. It's like, "No, you will practice this for the next hour."" - Dr. Phil Schurger


Resources In Today’s Episode:


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