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Episode 17: Living Your Dream: The Path to Career, Aesthetics and Family Success with Nurse Injector, Kimber Arnold

Nurse Kimber Arnold is a national injectable trainer for Suneva Medical, a TikTok star and a former professional-level dancer. She has trained many of the top plastic surgeons and dermatologists around the country and has so much knowledge to share on the topic of injectables. In this episode, Nurse Kimber will be joining the show to discuss how she masterfully balances two demanding careers with a family, traveling and fitness, as well as her advice for anyone interested in getting involved in aesthetics.

Listen in as Kimber explains why artistry and a specific mindset are crucial when it comes to working as a professional injector. You will learn the importance of talking about mental health, how to develop a thicker skin and why we must treat others with respect. Nurse Kimber is a strong advocate for building each other up instead of knocking others down, and this episode is sure to inspire you to do the same. 

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What You'll Learn:

  • Kimber’s background and how she got involved in the injectable industry. (1:16)

  • Her advice for anyone curious about getting into aesthetics. (4:07)

  • How to be vulnerable whilst still having a thick skin. (9:10)

  • The common denominator across all injection practices. (17:15)

  • How to balance work, life and travel. (20:48)

  • Why you shouldn’t be concerned about using Bellafill. (31:05)

  • Kimber’s skincare routine. (41:28)

  • Her mentors throughout her career. (52:02)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“[For a successful nurse injector] you need to have a kind, trusting person with a good bedside manner, but also with an eye for beauty.” - Kimber Arnold

“You want to straighten another woman's crown instead of knocking it off.” - Kimber Arnold

“I have come to understand that it is okay to have help.” - Kimber Arnold

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