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Episode 16: How to Rock your Hair & Feel that Glow with Hair Stylist Michael Hamed

Each of us has one amazing—but brief—chance to build lives we love. If we don’t believe we deserve happiness and to live the way we truly desire, then we end up living lives of mediocrity. Today’s guest knows all about building a business and life he is truly happy with. Michael Hamed is the owner of Contoure Spa, a salon that takes pampering to the extreme for their clients. In this episode, he joins the show to share his journey and how he used his creativity, ambition, and passion to reach his goals. 

Listen in as Michael explains how he learned to put himself out there and be vulnerable—a scary step for anyone to take. You will learn why he spends his time mentoring young hairstylists to live their dreams and empowers men and women alike to love their hair. Remember: when we look confident, we feel confident!

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What You'll Learn:

  • How being an immigrant impacted Michael’s life and career path. (4:20)

  • What it is like being a male in the hair industry. (6:00)

  • Tips for keeping your hair healthy. (7:10)

  • Michael’s journey to opening his own salon. (11:16)

  • How to build confidence within. (14:10)

  • How to relieve your soul of extra baggage. (18:00)

  • How the pandemic has impacted Michael’s business. (23:00)

  • How to become successful in the beauty industry. (28:30)

  • The importance of aligning your work with your life. (36:30)

  • How the hair industry has changed over the years. (41:30)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“You have to either educate yourself, or you have to work hard.” - Michael Hamed

“Unless your hair is super oily, you should not be shampooing every day.” - Michael Hamed

“Owning your own business is not the easiest thing, but in the end, it is really rewarding.” - Michael Hamed

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