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Episode 6: Down and Dirty of Glow Ups with Sasha Pierson

Sasha Pierson is a licensed esthetician and self-proclaimed laser wizard and skincare guru. She's dedicated to helping you achieve your best skin to create the ultimate glow up. In this episode, Sasha opens up about her journey into skincare, as well as her grit and dedication to pursuing her dreams.

Listen in as we discuss some of Sasha’s favorite products and glow up hacks, including an inside look at some of our favorite skincare procedures. You will learn how to tell if a new skincare product is working for you and several alternatives to Botox. If you love glow ups as much as we do, make sure to tune in!

Listen to the Full Episode:



What You'll Learn:

  • How Sasha got involved in skincare. (3:45)

  • An average week in the life of Sasha. (12:05)

  • How microdermabrasion works. (17:35)

  • How Sasha puts together a skincare plan for her clients. (20:00)

  • Her number one skincare product. (25:38)

  • Her favorite skincare treatment. (35:10)

  • Other alternatives for wrinkles. (46:00)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Not all skincare is created equal.” - Sasha Pierson

“You can only change so much with a product.” - Sasha Pierson


“We can do whatever works for you. For your budget. For your preferred downtime.”  - Sasha Pierson

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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