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Episode 7: Community, Faith & Family - Healthy Kids and the GLOW Up with Rebecca Blume

Our guest today is Rebecca Blume, a certified Physician Assistant practicing in general pediatrics. After nearly 20 years of practicing medicine and continually seeing an increase in preventable childhood illnesses, she felt totally overwhelmed by the inability to truly offer solutions to her patients in the traditional medical setting. She joins the show today to dive into a multitude of topics around wellness, focusing specifically on the family unit and children. She also talks about finding your community and how to lean on your community and ask for help when you need it.


Listen in to hear how to rekindle your passion and the reality of working life as a mother in healthcare. You will learn the importance of being open to change—because things may not always go the way you plan. Rebecca is on a mission to educate, encourage, and engage parents and families to whole health through personalized health coaching that focuses on nutrition, daily movement, mindset, spirit, and community connection, and she shares a lot of her incredible insight with us today.

Listen to the Full Episode:



What You'll Learn:

  • Rebecca’s journey to where she is today. (6:00)

  • Her advice for anybody looking to get into medicine. (11:55)

  • The importance of listening to your intuition. (17:45)

  • How Rebecca got involved in health coaching. (21:45)

  • What it takes to make a difference in someone's wellness. (26:00)

  • Why it's so important to ask for help when you need it. (31:30)

  • Rebecca’s morning routine. (37:40)

  • Her skincare routine. (43:50)

  • The power of writing things down. (52:49)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Be open to things not going the way you think they would.”  - Rebecca Blume

“If we create healthy mothers, we create healthy kids and we create a healthier world.” - Rebecca Blume

"It’s okay. Your kids don’t have to be your whole world. You can use the help of your spouse, or your family, or whoever it is to plan and prioritize that self-care.” - Rebecca Blume

Resources In Today’s Episode:

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