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Episode 19: Learning from the Past, Exploring Personal Relationships and Appreciating Spiritual Divinity with Denali Veda Part 2

Denali Veda is a quantum healing coach, lightworker, and intuitive empath who is committed to awakening the divine purpose in others. Today she is back for another episode, where she'll be teaching us about empaths and diving deep into the topic of spiritual awakening—specifically why so many of us are currently in the midst of our own spiritual awakening.

Listen in as Denali explains what ascension is, the new earth, and the magic of cats. You will learn what a lightworker does, why you shouldn’t live in fear despite all of the negativity in the world, and how to speak your truth in order to step into your highest self. You have the ability to bring lightness and unity into your life, but the first change must come from within.

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What You'll Learn:

  • The magic of cats and why they’re so special to humans. (1:43)

  • The healing powers of cats. (8:00)

  • What the ascension is and how it is impacting the world. (11:05)

  • The spiritual warfare we are currently living through. (16:00)

  • How to overcome the many distractions of life. (19:45)

  • Why a spiritual awakening is a lifelong process. (23:00)

  • What a lightworker is. (31:16)

  • What called Denali to write a book. (33:30)

  • Why many religions are so similar and what shamanism is. (36:30)

  • The importance of understanding that we’re all on our own journey. (39:45)

  • The power of manifestation. (42:25)

  • What the hollow earth theory is. (49:46)

  • Why there is always goodness in every soul. (54:40)

  • How Denali lives her mission. (59:36)

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“There is a spirit realm that so many of us are unaware of, and these cats are our guardians.” - Denali Veda

“If you’re living in fear, you’re not trusting your creator.”- Denali Veda

“God has always wanted us to be in paradise.” - Denali Veda

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