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Any progress is still progress

Hey, Glow Getters!

We hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your new week is better. We hope you are allowing yourself to regenerate and open up to new opportunities.

Here at The Glow Collective, we are always excited to share our wonderful achievements even if its the smallest wins. Any journey is neither hard nor easy; it will be whatever YOU allow it to be. If it's hard for you, make space for you to see the brighter side because there will always be progress no matter how long it takes. And if it's easy, appreciate it and encourage those who need it too.

We believe in working hard and working smart, so continue pushing through and put trust in your abilities. With that being said, we want to share this long awaited news!

We are finally on Apple Podcasts!

For all you Apple product lovers, this is something great as accessing our podcast is now easier for you :)

Super grateful!

On Apple Podcasts, not only can you listen and download to our episodes, but you can also leave a comment, rate, subscribe and share! So do leave your reviews, rate us, share the love of our content and who knows, you'll be our first lucky winner for our giveaway*! *WINKS*

Do catch our newest episodes every Wednesday on any of these streaming platforms, all links listed below!

This week's (June 21-June 27) episode is Episode 4: Master Your Routine: Are You An Over-Exfoliator?

Listen to the episodes here:

Your love is always appreciated and celebrated, Glow Getters. Thank you for being here with us.

Unleash your glow,

Dr. V

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