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Dissecting Dr. V's Wisdom: Episode 1

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

It's Friday, Glow Getters!

It's that day of the week. Although for some of us, it might just be the beginning of the week and that's okay, let's celebrate the essence of Friday everyday in that case.

In this section of the blog, we're introducing our episodes as we do a little learning and reflecting from the wise words of Dr. V and her guest speakers. In this section, we'll dive and dissect the content and try to understand the messages conveyed in a third person's perspective--something fun, insightful and fresh for The Glow Collective and their Glow Getters!

Let's talk first episode! The doors to The Glow Collective podcast. In this episode, Dr. V talks about her intentions and her hopes in what she has stocked for the podcast along with some heartfelt motivation-- I personally needed it.

Welcome to The Glow Collective podcast! This series is dedicated to upgrading your consciousness in all facets, including rewiring your relationship with yourself and life through deep diving into your mindset, behavior, skin care, health, and wellness—all while launching into new avenues of connection and growth. We’ll cover creative hacks to start and grow your own side (or main) hustle, the art of true mastery, and being an expert in your field. We can’t wait to get started! In this inaugural episode, your host Dr. V will be introducing herself and opening the dialogue about what “The Glow'' is. Listen in as she shares what prompted the creation of this podcast and her vision behind it. You will learn how to hear your soul's calling, how to raise your glow, and why you must understand your "why." If you have been questioning whether you are on the right track or searching for more in life, this is the show for you.

Excerpt from Show Notes (visit the Listen tab)

Dr. V introduces us to a whole new experience and perspective by allowing us to understand where the glow in us should spark from. As a dermatologist, she talks about skincare as she injects the ideas of inner glow through the understanding of spirituality and the depths of it.

The reason she established this podcast is because she wants to share how she became the person that she is today. Dr. V reminds us that we're all people who struggle no matter where we're at in life. As for her, having her own private practice as a Board Certified Dermatologist is no joke nor game as she dwells with her own struggles. Let's appreciate that she is acknowledging the hardship but is still finding the positivity to keep pushing forward. Just because we are comfortable, does not mean we are granted comfort at every level in life. So get ready Glow Getters. Buckle up and ride the journey to find your glow.

The Glow we preach here at The Glow Collective is not just the apparent glow you wear on your face, but it's a feeling of contentment that you understand is within yourself. And when you feel good, you express goodness. The glow cannot be achieved by being materialistic while you neglect your spirituality and moral values.

Dr. V talks about how this podcast is for the Glow Getters that believe in a higher power, a divine being; God, that will allow you to grow and change as she reminds us that there is always that push that acts as a catalyst for us.

We might not notice as we live our days but there is constant change in everything and everywhere. Whether we like it or not, change is necessary. It might be uncomfortable and unexpected but it always delivers a purpose at the end of the day. Dr. V states that the energy we receive and give from one another is the change. So be mindful of all your doings and words that you express.

Keep working on ourselves, Glow Getters, because Rome was defo not built overnight. Slow progress is always a build-up for our success and we just can't wait on gathering all the strength and courage together to be the best versions of ourselves.

Glow Getters,

In the podcast, Dr. V believes that we are capable of so much in life but our anxiety is always in the way. You know it, we know it but we should never let that be a barrier in between accessing our goals.

Dr. V also discussed about her failures in life; one of it being an almost-impossible pathway into pursuing her medical career. Her resilience and desire in getting to where she wants to be has been the catalyst of her journey. Can't go wrong with having a Glow Getter burning passion like that, huh?

We all have our unaware-of self-destructive habits and Dr. V mentions that it is all just normal for growth. Whether you're ready to look into or not, if it's not beneficial, let's snap out of it and start healing.

This episode is definitely a wake-up call for all of us. It's a knock on the door to spiritual awakening and understanding that your damages might be done-did but they're always healing in some way. Dr. V puts the real definition of intention into place as she shares her firsthand struggles in this episode.

Listen to the episode until the end for her self-reflecting questions and answer them honestly for your own sake. I did, and I realized some things in me that never surfaced.

So, never underestimate the power of intention and like how Dr. V said it, it takes darkness to know light.

We hope you enjoyed reading this segment and found it inspiring and insightful!

Do listen to the whole podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, now on YouTube and other streaming platforms! Check out our Listen tab for deets.

Your journey is celebrated.

Unleash your glow.


Glow Getter

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