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Dissecting Dr. V's Wisdom: With Amparo Rojas

Happy Tuesday fellow Glow Getters,

We hope you had a great weekend. If things didn't go the way you planned, it's alright. Always live looking forward to another day.

For today's diving and gem-searching, we'll be looking into episode 2! Personally, I have learned so much from this episode on spirituality, to the functions of crystals, and even got super inspired on getting back on track with journaling. I hope you'll be able to relate to me as well!

Episode 2 encapsulates Dr. V's very first guest of The Glow Collective podcast, Amparo Rojas, who is also Dr. V's soul sister in Spirituality. They talked about how cultural differences have affected Amparo, her past self, and how blindly joining a meditation session suddenly led her to her awakening to becoming a spiritual coach. So much to learn from-- so let's dive in!

If you're into meditation then you'd love the centering session that was led by Amparo. She envisioned a tornado to come around us as we try to ride the chaotic winds calmly. What I understood from this picture, is to find peace within calamity and you'll be able to be one with yourself first despite the turmoil others are causing.

What outside distractions have you been too focused on? Try to keep in check with yourself and find your inner peace. If time will pass, so will your hardship.

Amparo shared her personal experiences of being a part of 2 cultures as she moved back and forth from Mexico to the States while growing up in her prime teen years. She shared about how cultural expectations that were imposed by family and friends have wounded her inner child and how she was given the impression that she was supposed to be a certain way by her cultural surroundings. Sometimes we tend to overlook the damage of situations like this. How do we know if cultural differences are negatively impacting you or how do we understand that they cause trauma in the long run? In this episode, Amparo shares her story and how it actually became the reason to her change.

We discover that Dr. V and Amparo have been friends for a very long time, as Dr. V asks Amparo to compare who she was back then to herself now. Like anyone else, Amparo has had her days where she was overworking, living the hustle-grind life with a lot of toxicity cycle in her life. But with her realization in spiritual awakening, her changes become evident as she mentions that the 5 people you surround yourself with have a say on who you're becoming. I find this truly refreshing because it is true! Sometimes you never realize your own changes as they can be super drastic or pleasurable (if it's good for you). So be reminded that it is always nice to have the closest people in your life anchoring you from going astray and seeing the changes you never realized.

You'll never know where life will lead you and what kind of drastic changes will succumb upon you whether you asked for it or not, and like Amparo, her realization in wanting to become a coach happened when she attended a session with a "woman". Coming with little knowledge about spirituality, meditation and healing, she realized that this is what she wanted to do. Now, Amparo herself is a proud healer, coach and she is working with other women who want to be helped! Never underestimate the first-time experiences in your life because you'll never know what other opportunities will emerge afterwards. That's why, Glow Getters, you gotta take that leap of faith and go for it.

This is my fav part; journaling! Amparo talked a lot about her journaling routine and how it plays a big role in her manifestation and meditation. How many of us journal but without the proper intentions to manifest or meditate? I find this very interesting and valuable because there can be so much to just writing about your day or planning your week ahead. In this episode, Amparo shares to Dr. V about her prompts that she uses. One of it being a brain-dump; the usual whatever-flows-out writings. Sometimes you need clarity in your emotions and by writing your heart out, it gives you a clear understanding of what you're feeling, where it is stemming from and even how you can overcome an issue. The wonders of journaling!

Some other ideas Amparo implied to her journaling prompts:

Another big part that Amparo shared in the podcast that inspired her awakening was the moment she heard a friend being so calm about the passing of his grandma. Amparo expressed that the peacefulness her friend portrayed was something that she wanted. When I heard this part, I thought it was beautiful too. How strong and hopeful must a person be in order to be on that level of peace and surrender in a moment of grief?

This episode has taught me a lot on how to find your ground and be honest with yourself with what you want to do from within and to always embrace changes.

Honestly, so many good takes from this episode and so many questions you'd find asking yourself. Reflecting on a good podcast episode is such a healthy practice for your mind and for you to be in check with yourself.

Listen to the full episode for more gems, Glow Getters. I cannot stress enough how inspiring this episode was for me and I hope you'll be able to say the same!

Do listen to the whole podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, now on YouTube and other streaming platforms! Check out our Listen tab for deets.

Your journey is celebrated.

Unleash your glow.


From one Glow Getter to another

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